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HEALTH BEAT is a fun, upbeat and addictive podcast for anyone wanting to learn more about health & wellness. Brian Hazelgren, CEO of RX2LIve and the host of Health Beat, shares his experience with cutting edge technology and innovations in medicine and health & wellness. Brian interviews some of the top researchers, biochemists, doctors, fitness coaches, meditation experts, entrepreneurs across the world who share tips for taking control and upgrading your biochemistry, body and mind to work in unison.



RX2Live is a proud supporter of Operation Torrent!

Every soldier leaves the military (and combat) with the notion of returning to civilian life with the same passion, work ethic, and values that drove them to serve this Nation. Often, the torrent of life events that occur after separation from their military mission and brotherhood can feel just like braving enemy fire all over again. Alone.

Raising awareness and resources for the amazing nonprofit organizations that were there for Josh and his family during their darkest hour. “I would not be here today without them.“ Josh Collins.

RX2Live is dedicated to helping our military men & women and NFL alumni that are battling brain injuries and trauma.

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