“One Size” Does Not Fit All!

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Project Description

The body is a very complex organism and every person is unique. That is why the “one size fits all” diet or exercise program doesn’t work for everyone. We first need to understand our unique body make up at the genetic level before prescribing any exercise, diet or supplement program.

Thanks to modern technology it is now possible to provide insights about a person’s genetic makeup quickly, reliably, and inexpensively
in a way that has never been available before. Why is this so important? Once we understand a person’s genetic makeup we can then
prescribe a specific and targeted approach to health and wellness based on science that can be optimized to the individual. Have you ever wondered why one person can lose weight on a certain diet or exercise program and someone else on the same program has no results or, even worse, gains weight?

By implementing our program, our clients can eliminate the guesswork from workouts and dieting and achieve the results they desire.


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