Safe and Accurate for Early Detection of Disease and Disorders

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Project Description

Thermal Imaging or Thermography is a radiation-free, state-of-the-art screening procedure that uses infrared imaging to measure and observe temperature variations and thermal patterns of the body surface. Because most pathological processes demonstrate a form of increased heat and some neurological processes show excessive cold, or hypothermia, Thermography proves to be extremely beneficial when screening for early detection of many diseases or conditions which emanate abnormal temperature differentials.

Modern computerized thermography produces an accurate and reproducible high-resolution image that can be analyzed both qualitatively and quantitatively For minute changes in skin surface heat emissions. Thermography has established applications in breast oncology, vascular medicine, chiropractic, dentistry, neurology, occupational medicine, orthopedics, pain management, and veterinary medicine. Thermography has been cleared by the FDA as an adjunct to screening equipment such as Ultrasound, CAT scan, MRI, and Mammograms.

What Are the Advantages of Thermal Imaging?

It’s Non-Invasive and No-Touch

  • It’s Safe

    Thermography does NOT emit radiation which has been known to increase the cause of cancer. There are no injections of dyes or contrast mediums into your blood stream.

  • It’s Very Accurate

    Medical Thermography is an extremely accurate way to measure and observe temperature variations and thermal patterns of the body surface, for all regions of the body. Thermographic images can detect early abnormal or possible suspicious activity that could indicate conditions that have associated thermal emissions such as breast disease (cancer), arthritis, neuropathy, heart disease, diabetes, fibromyalgia, autoimmune disease, thyroid issues, or other chronic health concerns that may be present.

    Finely tuned technology can find abnormalities in human wellness long before the body’s sensory organs can identify them. This is true for breast cancer; thyroid dysfunction; inflammation leading to cancer, heart disease, and other diseases.

  • Comprehensive Reports

    All scans are interpreted by specially trained doctors in Thermology and reports include high-resolution images with an in-depth analysis of the findings.

    The unique benefit of Thermography is that it can reveal changes leading to potential health problems long before they threaten your health.

    Use of Thermal Imaging is increasing among practitioners and is an important medical alternative for preventative health care. Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and so is the awareness for preventative health care for individuals looking to enjoy a healthy and prosperous lifestyle.


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