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Workplace Wellness

A New Approach to Workplace Wellness.

Improve Productivity, Decrease Claims. Have Fun. Boost Morale. Improve the Bottom Line.

With 150 Million Americans going to work every day, corporate America is not only in the
best position to change our nations health, it has a responsibility to do so.
Once a company can tie their health and wellness message into their corporate strategy,
magic happens to the general health, morale and productivity of a company.
Wouldn’t it be great to have our leaders and employees thinking about wellness every
day, instead of just once a year?

We Can Customize a Program That Fits Your Culture and Budget!


Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging or Thermography is a radiation-free, state-of-the-art screening procedure that uses infrared imaging to measure and observe temperature variations and thermal patterns of the body surface. Because most pathological processes demonstrate a form of increased heat and some neurological processes show excessive cold, or hypothermia, Thermography proves to [...]


Weight Loss

There is no other diet like this where your body is trained to burn fat in a safe, natural, and effective way with no side effects. Our weight loss system is all laid out for you. It is simple to follow and very affordable. You will get immediate and [...]


Diagnostic Lab Services

RX2Live offers comprehensive laboratory services for employers and physicians through its network of diagnostic labs. We utilize innovative testing to help clinicians determine the right treatment decisions for each patient by delivering information that is timely, accurate, and clinically actionable. Our purpose is to: Diagnose more accurately [...]


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